A spot of Logo Design..!

I've been working hard this week to finally create the Studio-M Design logo for the brand. Having decided on the name 'Studio-M Design' pretty easily (everyone shortens my name to Em, and I love to work in a design studio!) getting to the logo has been a bit more of a tricky process.

I created a Pinterest board, to pin all my favourite brands and logo inspiration and sure enough, a style started to emerge that I felt reflected the values and beliefs of the brand.

I wanted to create the logo using the same design process as I follow when creating any of my products, therefore I sat at the drawing board and began sketching, using my set square and scale ruler. I loved the idea of incorporating a pencil shape into the logo and thought how the shape of a newly sharpened pencil, mimics the point within the letter 'M'. I always begin working in pencil and it felt right to me to try and incorporate this somehow into the logo. After hours of playing with different fonts, I created the M you that you can see today, which has a clear sense of symmetry and solidity.

At this point I moved onto the computer, and began by working over the hand-drawing. I started to play around with different layouts/ shapes, sizes and web fonts and was thinking how I could apply the logo to all my products. I realised that if I encased the 'M' in a circle it was much more pleasing to the eye.  In doing so, this allowed me to contain the initial and add the company name to the logo and to keep it all neat & tidy, and alas the logo was created!


studio-m logo
Studio-M Design branding